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Online Coaching

One Program, One Rate!

You receive:

1. One initial phone consultation lasting 15 minutes
  • goals and expectations
  • health and injury history
  • personality and motivational screening
  • lifestyle obligations and time constraints

2. Online Tracking System NEW! is proud to introduce its newest addition to our High Performance Training System - LIVE Online Charting and Database! This interactive module quantifies and graphically interprets your training history on a daily basis. It tracks your sport history through a robust yet simple interface. This is a must for any athlete who wants to get the most out of their training.


3. Detailed Training Program

  • every month (based on a 3 - 4 week periodization plan)
  • dynamic based on fatigue or changes in schedules

4. Nutritional Analyses and Diet Program based on lean body mass and activity level

5. Unlimited e-mail and phone contact (calls your expense)

6. Weekly On-line Reports for analyses and comments (click and send)

7. Physiological Testing
(critical speed, aerobic potential test, maximum heart rate, anaerobic threshold)


These testing session are done on your own after CoachCal gives you details on their administration. Results are to be sent to CoachCal for interpretation.

8. Performance Predictions and Race Strategy

9. On-line access to TriMaster Lifestyle Training System covering topic such as:

  • Weight management and reaching racing weight
  • Carbohydrate Loading and Nutrition
  • Tapering
  • Mental Health and Outlook
  • Quantifying Intensity and Duration
  • Over a dozen more related topics to expand your knowledge

10. Online visual resources for:

  • Critical Weight training and Plyometrics
  • Critical Core Stability Strengthening

11. CriticalSpeed Camps : Priority Placement

  • March: Bike Camp in Solvang, California
  • High Altitude Camps in Canmore, Alberta
  • May: IronSpeed Couer D' Alene for IMCdA
  • July: IronSpirit Camp for IMCan

12. CoachCal Attendance at Major Races

  • CoachCal attends races such as Ironman Canada, Ironman Couer D'Alene. Other races depend on race season and group athlete involvement.

$450.00 USD for the First Two Months, then 200.00 USD per monththereafter for a minimum 4 month contract.

All payments are by Post Dated Checks or charge on Visa / MasterCard only. All Visa transactions are subject to a 5% surcharge.


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