Calvin Zaryski

Calvin Zaryski

CoachCal has been coaching for over 30 years. Not just focusing on athletes, but on individuals whose goals range from climbing Mount Everest to recapturing the power of active living.

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Public Speaking

Coachcal has been public speaking for over 15 years on topics related to health and happiness. Some of his larger clients include ING Financial and General Motors. If general exercise, nutrition and stress management topics are too general, CoachCal can also deliver countless hours of information on high performance as it related to endurance sport.

To contact Coachcal for your next event click here.


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Personal Fitness

Case Study: DENISE COFFIELD -She did it... 50 pound weight loss, new diet plan and months of new found energy and fitness. Denise finished her first Olympic Distance Triathlon and has the new look to prove it. She simply glows with enthusiasm and self-esteem. Now she aims higher in her fitness goal as she continues to beome more apart of CSR's group training. She began with one on one consultations with CoachCal to begin her journey.

You can meet with CoachCal for a one on one session that will identify and prioritize areas that need restructuring. Hire your very own personal coach to keep you accountable and on track. Meetings can be weekly bimonthly or monthly. The program can even include personal training that can come to you for your wellness sessions. Medical screening and assessments will give you the confidence to get started and ultimately illustrate yor personal change. The program is customized based on your personal style of change and progression.


Medical Assessment: If there are medical concerns, you will be directed to one of CSR's medical advisors for an indepth assessment to give you peace of mind.

Web Site Database: This logging system has been proven to give the fitness project meaning and can actually stimulate motiation. Self monitoring is very powerful to keep you on track and is a tool that your coach will use to keep you challenged and moving forward! Once you see your training, weight loss and other factors in the form of a graph, you will start to increase your enthusiasm.

Body Composition Assessment: Each and every time you meet with your coach, you will be given a friendly assessment to evaluate your fat loss and potential muscle mass gain. This tool is critical to determine the amount of protein required in your diet. CoachCal will take your lean body mass, your activity level and your ultimate goal into consideration when calculating your dietary needs

Nutritional Counciling: CSR's Active Lifestyle program has experts that will take your unique situation, whether you are looking for weight loss, weight gain or just that toned look. Lars Gustaffson is the chief nutritionist that will make all your nutrition dreams come true.

All Essential Fitness Tools: CoachCal requires that you have the essentail tools that will play a critical role in your progress.

Polar manufactures the most reliable and affordable Heart Rate Monitors in the World.

Pedometers are also a great tool to quantify your walking exercise.

Surgical Tubing is the inexpensive gymnasium that can go with you anywhere. You will be the Master of the Tube in a few months on this program.



Calvin Zaryski: Masters Degree in Kinesiology, Professional Fitness and Lifestyle Consultant.
Dr. Bruce Hoffman: Medical Director of the Hoffman Centre for Integrative Medicine in Calgary. For more information go to
Lars Gustafsson: Founder of Nutrition Empowerment Systems & creator of The BodyMind Nutrition System. For more information go to
Jennifer Rankel: Master Degree in Kinesiology specializing in Corporate Wellness and Fitness
Amanda Taffs: Personal Fitness Trainer and Wellness Coach


Travel Fee for Offsite Meetings: 0.65 per km
We require 48 hours notice for any rescheduling or cancellation of appointments. A $50.00 administration fee will be levied if you fail to do so.

There is a 4 month commitment in each program. After the 4 month period, you are required to inform criticalspeed by email or phone of your discontinuation in the program. Failure to do so will result in continued monthly charges for the access to the website coaching and services.

If for some reason you can not utilize this service due to injury, the service can be transferred or a credit can be given.

If you have any questions regarding our policies, please do not hesitate to call coachcal at 403 242-2398.

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Online Coaching

One Program, One Rate!

You receive:

1. One initial phone consultation lasting 15 minutes
  • goals and expectations
  • health and injury history
  • personality and motivational screening
  • lifestyle obligations and time constraints

2. Detailed Training Program

  • every month (based on a 3 - 4 week periodization plan)
  • dynamic based on fatigue or changes in schedules

3. Nutritional Analyses and Diet Program based on lean body mass and activity level

4. Unlimited e-mail and phone contact (calls your expense)

5. Weekly On-line Reports for analyses and comments (click and send)

6. Physiological Testing
(critical speed, aerobic potential test, maximum heart rate, anaerobic threshold)


These testing session are done on your own after CoachCal gives you details on their administration. Results are to be sent to CoachCal for interpretation.

7. Performance Predictions and Race Strategy

8. On-line access to TriMaster Lifestyle Training System covering topic such as:

  • Weight management and reaching racing weight
  • Carbohydrate Loading and Nutrition
  • Tapering
  • Mental Health and Outlook
  • Quantifying Intensity and Duration
  • Over a dozen more related topics to expand your knowledge

10. Online visual resources for:

  • Critical Weight training and Plyometrics
  • Critical Core Stability Strengthening

11. CriticalSpeed Camps : Priority Placement

  • March: Bike Camp in Solvang, California
  • High Altitude Camps in Canmore, Alberta
  • May: IronSpeed Couer D' Alene for IMCdA
  • July: IronSpirit Camp for IMCan

12. CoachCal Attendance at Major Races

  • CoachCal attends races such as Ironman Canada, Ironman Couer D'Alene. Other races depend on race season and group athlete involvement.

$450.00 USD for the First Two Months, then 200.00 USD per monththereafter for a minimum 4 month contract.

All payments are by Post Dated Checks or charge on Visa / MasterCard only. All Visa transactions are subject to a 5% surcharge.


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Bike Specific Computrainer Interval Sessions

2018 - 2019 Bike Computrainer Sessions


CSR Specific Cycling Interval Program

Programs Starts in Oct 2018. If Space is Available, Start Anytime!
Tues/Thurs 4:30 Session Runs All Year Round!
Maximum of 10 Athletes in each Session

*If you have a group of 6-10 Riders, a PRIVATE Training Program can be Create, but Hurry, these time slots will not last!

Best Value in the City!   FREE Parking (Midweek Option Available, please inquire

Session #1 (Only 2 Spots Remain)
Tuesday and Thursday 4:30pm - 6:00pm
CSR Computrainer Studio is located near downtown in Killarney SW. This PM training program will give you a solid workout before the work day.
Coach: Calvin Zaryski

Tuesday / Thursday Evening Sessions  90 Minute Computrainer Interval Session.  Arrive as early as 4pm, with the formal session starting at 4:45pm. Maximum of 10 Athletes!

BONUS: All 3-5 hour Sunday BRICK session are only 20.00 drop in when registered for this Program
COST: 250.00 per month


Session #3 & #4 (Saturday)
Saturdays 10-11:30am (Womens Only) and 12-1:30pm (Mixed Group)
CSR Computrainer Studio is located near downtown in Killarney SW. This AM training program kick off your weekend with a bang!
Coach: Calvin Zaryski

Saturday Sessions are 90 Minute Computrainer Intervals and Courses.  Maximum of 10 Athletes!

BONUS: All 3-5 hour Sunday BRICK session are only 20.00 drop in when registered for this Program
COST: 120.00 per month


Saturday, 17 November 2012 22:42

CSR Uniqueness

Program officially starts in November, but most athletes use October to stay fit with a customized program to slowly ramp up their fitness for a November team start.


The new season program will include 6 group training sessions per week,  4 Volume Altitude Camps, 1 Maui Camp, 1 Easter Epic Camp, 1 Couer D'Alene Camp, 2 Penticton Camps, 1 XTERRA Clinic and 1 XTERRA Camp.

But wait, there is more.  2012-2013 season has 10 BRICK sessions (3-4hrs), 10 Snowshoes or Hikes and 4 EnduroBRICK sessions (5 hours) and 4 Simulated Triathlons for you to attend. The season is jammed packed with great opportunities to get super fit and have fun with the CSR Team. All abilities are welcomed and encouraged! Get Results this Year! Join the most successful MultiSport Team in Canada. Professional coaching, great teammates and amazing programing and facilities. You will be in the best shape of your life for next Season! 

If you would like to speak with a CSR team member, contact CoachCal and he will put you in touch.






Triathlon training delivered in a group setting. Groups created based on goal races. Bronze program, plus quarterly one-on-one coaching sessions and two physiological testing sessions per year. Bronze program, plus monthly one-on-one coaching sessions and four physiological testing sessions per year. Meet with CoachCal to outline your program, body composition, discuss nutrition and diet, race selection and race strategy.
Read More Read More Read More Read More

All CSR athletes work hard and try to attend all training sessions. The closer you follow the CriticalSpeed schedule, the better the results. CoachCal schedules all the swim, bike, run, body conditioning, mini and full training camps to ensure maximum fitness development without sacrificing health and daily energy. Not all athletes are capable of attending every camp or weekly training session, CoachCal will outline the MUST DO training sessions and help you organize your time. Daily exercise prescription is designed base on the training objective, which includes compensation for residual fatigue from previous training sessions and Team's overall fitness. This is the best approach to maximum development.

Each month builds on the previous. Modifications to the training schedule and volume are made to athletes joining mid program, but to get the most value from upcoming camps, it is best to start early. Speak with CoachCal to discuss your race season and recommended training start date.

The Key to the CSR Program

The key to CoachCal's program and what could be the single most important factor when training for endurance events is "controlled integration and strategic progression of ALL disciplines with forced periods of rest and rejuvination both physically and mentally".

CoachCal, who will see you regularly at group training sessions, has created the entire program being sensitive to the interrelationship of each and every training session. For example, because the entire triathlon program is INTEGRATED, he ensures that after a hard run session, the following day will be a recovery swim with maybe some deep water running. Or there might be a deliberate bike focus one week and then a strategic rest week the next, all with the perfect plan for maximum results. With ONLY ONE COACH controlling every workout, there are no mistakes and maximum benefit for your time. With over 15 years of coaching multisport and Elite athletes, the CSR program is proven and guarantees to bring you results, whether that is just finishing a triathlon or marathon to qualifying for Hawaii or Boston.

Saturday, 17 November 2012 22:31


* 15 World Championship Medals (7 GOLD, 6 SILVER and 1 BRONZE) in ITU Events, Ironman 70.3 and XTERRA. CoachCal has the RACE EXPERIENCE and PSYCHOLOGICAL STRATEGIES as a Beginner, Developing Age Group and Aging Athlete.

* Master Degree in Exercise Physiology Specializing in Endurance Performance: Research Based Programs

* Coach to 2 Olympians, Commonwealth Gold Medalist, World Record Holders, Mount Everest Summitteers, Cancer Survivors and Multiple World Champions.  Take your Performance to the NEXT Level

* Been Coaching Professionally for 27 Years!  Hundreds of Triathletes, Marathon Runners, Cyclists, Ultra Runners


Contact CoachCal:

Office: 403 660 7002
Office Address: 2628 19th ave SW, Calgary, AB Canada T3E7G1


CoachCal has been coaching for over 30 years. Not just focusing on athletes, but on individuals whose goals range from climbing Mount Everest to recapturing the power of active living. Cal has over 5 years of formal education in the Science of Coaching and Exercise Physiology. He is a certified exercise physiologist and is required to remain current on exercise, nutrition and wellness information and practises. CoachCal is the only coach in Canada to combine 8 World Triathlon Titles, Multiple National Titles and Top World Rankings with Advanced Education in Exercise Science and Body Health. This combination of experience and education creates a unique coaching intuition and professional guidance that gets results.


2007 Xterra World Championships, 3rd Overall Amateur
CoachCal and Lance Armstrong fight it out hill climbing in 2007, Storm Mountain.

Coaching Awards

  • 2008 Triathlon Canada Age Group and Junior Coach of the Year
  • 2007 Triathlon Canada Age Group and Junior Coach of the Year
  • 2007 Alberta Triathlon Association Coach of the Year
  • 2005 Triathlon Canada Age Group and Junior Coach of the Year
  • 2005 Alberta Triathlon Association Coach of the Year
  • 2003 Alberta Triathlon Association Coach of the Year


Athlete Awards and World Rankings

CoachCal has 7 World XTERRA Titles, 1 World Masters Triathlon Title, World Silver Medal in 70.3 and ITU Cross & Olympic Distance.

  • 2016 TRIATHLON CANADA Age Group Cross Award
  • 2015 TRIATHLON CANADA Age Group Cross Award
    2015 IRONMAN 70.3 #1 RANKING IN THE WORLD 45-49 Age Group
  • 2014 IRONMAN 70.3 #3 RANKING IN THE WORLD 45-49 Age Group
  • 2013 TRIATHLON CANADA Age Group Cross Award
    2013 TRIATHLON CANADA Age Group Long Distance Award
    2nd at the IRONMAN 70.3 World Championships 45-49 AG
  • 2012 TRIATHLON CANADA Age Group Cross Award
  • 2011 TRIATHLON CANADA Age Group Cross Award
  • 2010 TRIATHLON CANADA Age Group Cross Award
  • 2009 TRIATHLON CANADA Age Group Cross Award
  • 2008  TRIATHLON CANADA Age Group Olympic Distance Award
    2008 TRIATHLON CANADA Age Group Cross Award

Top Athletes Coached

  • Tate Haugan: XTERRA Pan American Amateur Champion / World 15-19 XTERRA Champion
  • Emily Wagner: Junior Elite Triathlete (7th at the World Junior Championships)
  • Carol Montgomery: Triathlon Commonwealth Gold Medalist / Olympian
  • Chuckie V: 1999 Ironman Canada Champion
  • Tom Evans: Ironman Champion
  • Jill Savege: Triathlon Pan Am Champion, Olympian
  • Pauline Li: Top Female Amateur IMCan 2004
  • Kim Townsend: 2nd Female Amateur IMCdA 2005
  • Michael Gorman: 2nd Male Amateur IMCdA 2006
  • Catherine Brown: 5th Overall Amateur IMCan 2006 & 07
  • Rosemarie Gerspacher: Top Female Amateur IMCan 2006 and IMCdA 2007
    • 3rd Overall Amateur Hawaii Ironman World Championships 10:05.
  • Sheila Croft: 4th Overall Female Amateur IMCan 2008
    • 2011 Ironman 70.3 and Ironman World Champion
    • 2012 Ironman World Championships 8th Overall Female Amateur, Fastest Run (3:08 marathon)
  • Jordan Bryden: Canada's Top ITU Under 23 Athlete in 2008
  • Bev Watson: World 60-64 2013 Ironman (World Record) and Xterra Champion,
  • Danelle Kabush: 2nd Pro Female 2008, 5th Pro 2011 Xterra Worlds / Member of Luna Racing Team
    • 2012 Great White North Female Champion
    • 2012 XTERRA Beaver Creek Regional Mountain Champion
  • Myron Tetreault: 2012 Ironman Texas AG 45-49 Champion
    • 2012 Canmore Triathlon Champion
  • Susanne Boyd: 2012 Ironman Canada AG 35-39 Champion, 3X Kona Participant



  1. "Effect of high volume training and taper on stroke volume and ammonia/lactate accumulation". University of Calgary High Performance Laboratory
  2. "Individualized Exercise Program for the Treatment of Fatigue in Bone Marrow Transplant Patients". Tom Baker Cancer Center and the Department of Kinesiology at the University of Calgary Interdisciplinary study of exercise physiology in bone-marrow-transplant survivors with fatigue and minor or no detectable clinical pathology: effects on QOL, exercise-physiology, immune parameters and socio-economic impact.

Education and Sport CERTIFICATION

  • Master Degree in Kinesiology from University of Calgary High Performance Center
  • Bachelors Degree in Physical Education
  • Certified Exercise Physiologist
  • NCCP Level 3 Theory
  • NCCP Level 2 Distance Running
  • NCCP Level 1 Swimming
  • NCCP Level 1 Triathlon

Published Research

Training Principles and Issues for Ultra-endurance Athletes,
Current Sports Medicine Reports 2005, 4:165-170 Current Science Inc. ISSN 1537-890x

ON THE CUTTING EDGE ALWAYS: Ironman Hawaii Medical Conference

CoachCal is the only Endurance Coach in Alberta to attend the prestigious Ironman Medical Conference in Hawaii, the week before Ironman. He attended the conference in 2004, 2006 and 2012. This 5 day seminar puts the best sport medical doctors, exercise physiologists and nutritionists in one room. This ground breaking knowledge will give you the edge in your training, recovery, injury prevention, race strategy, nutrition complication and more.


Cal grew up in Penticton, BC, home of Ironman Canada. In 1985 he began competing in triathlons. Along the way he attended Clinics and Camps by Dave Scott, Ray Browning and Phil Maffetone. His 30 years of racing experience is a necessary component to his extensive education.

As an athlete he has achieved a high level of performance. Some of his notable achievements are:
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Thanks to all those CSR athletes who came out to support your teammates yesterday at the Police Half Marathon!  Was so cool to see many of you on the race...

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Body Mass and Running Performance

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My current morning routine usually incorporates a quick body mass check on the bathroom scale. Most often it indicates my level of hydration but it also serves as my wake...

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Simulated Triathlon Dos and Don'ts

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In a simulated triathlon when approaching the wall for a turn, try to swim a quick and short diagonal approach when coming into the wall for a turn. This results...

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Xterra Canada

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Ironspirit Camp

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IronSpirit Classic 7 Day IMC focus camp July 15-21st, 2013 Register Now Contact CoachKev This Camp offers the ultimate opportunity for event specific coaching and on-course training. Led by a team of accomplished Ironman...

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2018 Penticton IronSpeed May Long Weekend Campon the ITU MultiSport Course (OffRoad Options Included) Friday May 18 - Monday May 21 CriticalSpeed.Com and Triathlon Warrior Presents 4 Day Endurance MultiSport Camp     Camp Costs$399.00...

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11th Annual Ironspeed Hawaii

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  March 16th - March 24th, 2019 Travel Days are: Saturday March 16th and Sunday March 24thActivity Days are Sunday March 17th - Saturday March 23rdArrival Date Must be on or before...

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