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Computrainer Time Trials for IRONMAN

2018 CSR Computrainer Enduro Time Trials for IRONMAN Racing!

Launched in 2013, these EPIC Time Trials were critical in the success of many Ironman performances.  I personally used these training sessions to race fast at 70.3 Utah (May 2) and 70.3 Honu (June 6) in 2015!  There is NO better way to get fit then suffering with others while watching a motivating sporting event. Starting in January, only 10 positions will be offered in 2018! Reserve your spot early and have your best season ever!


These cycling sessions are designed specifically for riding long and strong for 3.0-4.0 hours at a designated IRONMAN power and cadence. Set the computrainer at your dream Ironman Power and ride away while watching an inspiration event on the big screen. Or the entire group will ride one of the many Ironman or Ironman 70.3 courses after a good warm up. After the Computrainer Ride, athletes are encouraged to run 15-60'. If weather is too cold to run outside, a short drive to Mount Royal University can provide a track or treadmill for the EPIC BRICK.  After all 5 sessions, you will have the exact heart rate, power, hydration and fueling strategy tried and tested. Maximum Capacity is 10 Riders! Planet Foods will provide Ultima and Honey Stinger Gels and Waffles.  As a bonus to help acclimate to hot races, the studio temperature can be elevated up to 25 degree with high humidity. For those athletes interested in a HUGE weekend, 3-5hr BRICK sessions are scheduled on Sunday and can be attended (Drop In Fees Apply).

In Preparation for IRONMAN Events in MAY/JUNE/JULY, 2018

Dates: All Saturdays
January 6th,  9:00am - 12:00pm (3.0 hours) + 1hr Running Outside or MRU at 5pm
February 3rd, 9:00am - 12:15pm (3.15 hours) + 1hr Running Outside or MRU at 5pm
March 3rd, 9:00am - 12:30pm (3:30 hours) + 1hr Running Outside or MRU at 5pm
April 7th, 9:00am - 12:45pm (3.45 hours) + 1hr Running Outside or MRU at 5pm
May 5th, 9:00pm - 1:00pm (4 hours) + 1hr Running Outside or MRU at 5pm

COST: 250.00 plus gst (includes access to MRU at 5:00pm)

Contact CoachCal for Availability at




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